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Repel - Advanced Glass Sealant & Rain Repellent



Repel leaves an excellent durable coating which lasts months when applied to all glass surfaces giving you maximum protection always. Repel will repel water at speeds as low as 30MPH and will effectively repel rain water from the windscreen without the constant use of windscreen wipers. Repel When applied will not leave a milky and hazy finish when using you wipers and will leave a streak free finish.

When applying Repel make sure the area is clean and dry. We recommend you cleaning the glass with Crystal or either Clear View first for the best application. Apply Repel to a clean glass surface ensuring the product covers the whole area. Depending on glass size apply approximately 3-10 sprays of Repel and work the product lightly into a light haze with a foam applicator and leave for approximately 5-10 minutes to cure. When the curing time has passed, spritz a light spray of Crystal onto the surface and again buff clean to a high, smear free finish. Your glass is now protected. 

When you apply Repel to your glass surfaces, we do recommend you make sure your wiper blades are clean and free from any contaminants. Its always best to treat your wiper blades with Repel on application. This will eliminate wiper judder. 


Size: 250ml

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