IBL 3000

IBL 3000


Hopper capacity 
Being narrower does not mean a smaller dry ice hopper. Like the IBL4000 the IBL3000 holds more than 25 kgs of dry ice, which for most applications is more than 30 minutes operation before refilling. The hopper is not removable for emptying dry ice back into the dry ice container, but can dismounted in less than 10 minutes for service at the machine.

Simplicity and robustness 
Operating and moving equipment around in tight spaces also means a risk of damage to the ma¬chine. That is why we have designed the opera¬tion of the equipment with components that are not sticking far out (risk of breaking of) and at the same time all components are placed protected behind the handles at the back of the machine.  


Price matters 
Another parameter of course is price. Compared to the IBL4000 we have designed the IBL3000 without the toolbox or the remote control of dry ice flow and pressure on the gun (can be ordered as option) and it only comes with the short nozzle including 3 inserts as standard.

 Well known advantages 
 The IBL3000 of course has all the features that are known from the IBL4000. Large flat free tires, true 1 inch air flow through all parts, all FESTO components and 7 meter hose of your choice (lightweight PU or technical rubber).  


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