IBL 4000

IBL 4000


Remote control of pressure and dry ice feeding
 Sensors and other sensitive components require an adjusted pressure. With the remote control at hand, there is no need to go back to the machine for regulation. Adjusting the dry ice feed as you work, allows not only ideal cleaning, but also a way to optimise the correct consumption. Giving an important saving on consumables.  

Wireless on/off
The IBL 4000 has a built-in wireless on/off micro switch offering the strongest and most durable dry ice gun on the market Thus avoiding unnecessary down-time due to repair of connectors and wiring.

1 inch all the way through
For high power cleaning and to eliminate any destruction of the ice pellets, the IBL 4000 comes with a true 1 inch feed all the way from the connections to the gun/nozzle, thanks to specially manufactured couplings.

Threaded safety couplings
IBL 4000 has safety first and foremost. To avoid any sudden accidents, all blast hoses come with
heavy duty threaded safety couplings.

Air control
The IBL 4000 is equipped with air control parts from FESTO. This is to assure long life on the
equipment, but also to enable a trouble-free operation even if the supply air has any contamination
from the compressor. To obtain customer satisfaction, clean and dry air should of course
be used at all time.

Including all nozzles
Conveniently stored in the toolbox also are the nozzles and their inserts, you will receive the
powerful but lightweight (aluminum) IBL TF500 nozzle with 3 inserts of your choice (4-5-6-7-8-
9-10 mm). The length and design makes it the most aggressive nozzle on the market and with
the inserts you can select the correct configuration according to available airflow. The IBL T100
nozzle gives the operator the maneuverability to operate in narrow spaces
All nozzles comes as standard with the equipment.

Tool box
An integrated tool-box keeps your nozzles, gun etc. protected and organized at all time. No need
to drag along extra boxes of tools and parts. 

Easy to remove large hopper
If dry ice is left in the hopper, when having finished the job, then the hopper can be lifted out of
the blaster and emptied back into the dry ice container in seconds, achieved by only detaching
the connector to the vibrator and loosening the quick release side panels. No tools needed.
The hopper holds 25 kg allowing long operation without the need for stopping to refill.

Large flat free tires – handles to hold the hose
The IBL will pass through any standard door and equipped with large flat free tires the blaster
effortlessly “climbs” stairs.

The design of the handles allows the operator to safely carry the blast hose. No need for two trips.

Choose your hose
Select the hose that best suits your work. IBL 4000 comes with two options of blast hose.
1 inch PU or rubber silicone for maximum power (7 or 10 meters)
¾ inch PU or rubber silicone for flexibility (7 or 10 meters)

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