Aqua Air

The IV 100/40 is a very robust industrial vacuum cleaner which addresses the needs of different target groups. The vacuum can be moved around, on flat surfaces by one person, without any effort. The construction type and different accessories available make it highly mobile, being used in different sites of the factory and practical to use for different cleaning tasks. It is designed to be used for continuous duty (3-shift-operation) because of the motor type, embedded in it. The side channel turbine creates a high suction power and it is protected by a safety valve against motor overheating. 

The "easy-empty" drop bin fitted with wheels facilitates the transportation of the vacuumed material. The cyclone pre-separator is a standard feature and pre-separates large amounts of dust before they can get into the filter area. As a result, the life-time of the filter is considerably expanded. A main filter with a large filter surface and a high dust absorption rate (material dust class M approved) ensures long operating periods with no interruption. The external, manual filter cleaning device, guarantees long operating periods and ensures a long life-time of the filter. On the storage area situated above the motor, can be kept, the nozzles and tools. This storage area is also a convenient cable storage during work and transport duties.

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