Place 1" to 2" of Super Foam into the Autobrite Snow Foam Lance and fill up with cold water. Shake your Super Foam mix. Pre-rinse your car and remove any loose muck and dirt. Apply a coating of Super Foam at the desired thickness by adjusting the adjustment knob on the top of the AD Snow Foam Lance. Starting from the top to the bottom of the car adjust your spray angle on your AD Snow Foam Lance to give you the desired spray angle of foam. Completely cover the car all over including all wheels and wheel arches (please be aware if you have ceramic discs). Apply a thicker coating of Super Foam over heavy muck and dirt. Super Foam can dwell on your car for up to and over in normal weather conditions, we recommend only 5-8 minutes in hot temperature conditions. Rinse Super Foam thoroughly with pressured water starting from the top of the car working down panel by panel pushing the Super Foam off the panels. If you do happen to leave Super Foam on your car for longer than recommend and it drys on the car, simply wipe away the Super Foam from the panel with a Microfibre towel.

Keep away from Children and Animals. If ingested seek immediate medial attention.


Size: 5 Litre

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