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SuperSonic - Nano Hybrid Si02 Paint Coating


SuperSonic is incredibly fast to apply, just spray, wipe over and buff - it's that simple. Once applied, SuperSonic will continue to bond for approximately 3 weeks to the surface. Apply and admire the durable, stunning gloss, the sublime beading and the excellent self cleaning properties of SuperSonic.

SuperSonic can also be layered for optimum hydrophobic and extended protective qualities, and topped up periodically with Super Sonic QD for added efficiency.

How to use
  • Ensure your paint is thoroughly clean and contaminate free, (Paintwork correction is recommended prior to using SuperSonic but not essential).
  • Remove contaminants use our AD Fine Cleaner clay along with Berry Blast Quick detailer for a smooth finish, followed by IPA to remove any excess and remaining contaminants.
  • Apply to the panel to be treated with a fine mist of SuperSonic, larger areas will need a few mists of the product depending on the size of the panel. E.G - a large bonnet will require approx 2-3 mists per half of the bonnet. 
  • Use sparingly on the surface, work carefully over the area ensuring even coverage - best applied in warm tempretures with no rain imminent.
  • When your panel is covered, immediately wipe free of residue - DO NOT ALLOW PRODUCT TO DRY ON SURFACE WITHOUT BUFFING OFF THE RESIDUE 
  • Frequently turning your towel and buff the residue off the panel to leave a crystal gloss finish.
  • Allow 1 hour between additional coats. 
  • SuperSonic can be easily maintained with our AD Purple Velvet pH Neutral Shampoo plus SuperSonic Nano Hybrid Quick Detailer. 
  • We recommend our Mini Reaper towels for the perfect application.

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