Aqua Air

Jaffa Clean - Degreaser & Protectant


How to Use

Spray Jaffa Clean onto the surface to be treated. This includes engine, engine parts, plastic and rubber parts or paintwork. A light mist is required only, do not over apply the product as that is simply not needed. Spray Jaffa onto the surface and leave to penetrate for 1-2 minutes, then with your Mini Reaper, Guvnor or a microfibre work towel agitate with the DBS Bush and wipe away excess.

Repeat this process with Jaffa Clean if more dirt/grime still appear on the surface. Heavy greased up parts may require a coating of The Demon to rapidly break down grease and oil deposits.  

As you will notice Jaffa Clean cleans and protects in one application, this makes the task easy if you have only light dust and dirt on the surface. 


Size: 1 Litre

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