Aqua Air

Brilliance High Gloss Filling Glaze


Hand application - 

When applying Brilliance by hand we recommend using a Muscle Microfibre applicator for best coverage, apply a few drops of the product to your applicator pad and gently work into the surface over a small work area. Work the product for a few minutes until the haze clears then allow to cure for approx 10-15 mins then buff away using a plush buffing towel. We recommend our Chunky Monkey large buffing towel. For ultimate results we recommend 2 layers, the 1st layer will fill the offending swirls and the second layer will level the surface and leave maximum gloss.

Machine Application -

When applying brilliance by machine apply a generous amount to a soft foam pad, distribute the product over the panel before commencing machine operation to reduce the chance of product sling.
Use the machine polisher on a low speed to spread the product over an area of approx 2ft sq then allow to haze before buffing away with a plush buffing towel. Work time using a machine is approx 1-2 minutes.

Take care to avoid plastic trim as marks can occur, however these can easily be removed during a wash or using Cherry Glaze on the affected trim.

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