Aqua Air

Cleanse - Gentle Leather Cleaner


How to use

Cleanse is a really easy to use product. Here are our tips for cleaning your leather.

For Lightly soiled surfaces - Spray Cleanse directly onto a microfibre towel, wipe the surface gently taking care to move the towel in a single direction to prevent the reintroduction of soiling into the surface. After use buff the area with a dry medium density towel to ensure the surface is dry.

For Heavily soiled surfaces we recommend using our Autobrite Direct leather brush, spray Cleanse liberally making sure to completely cover the area that you are working, apply a small amount to the bristles also. Work the cleanse into the surface using circular motions, wipe the area often with a clean microfibre towel to remove soiling as you work. Once you are satisfied with the condition of the leather use a medium density microfibre to buff the surface dry.

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