Aqua Air

Magic Carpet Interior Upholstery Cleaner


How to use

Magic carpet professional carpet cleaner solution can be used either by hand or through a carpet extraction machine.

For hand use, apply using one of our Autobrite Direct printed pro bottles with dilution scale. Dilute to approx 30-1 depending on level of soiling. 
Spray product liberally onto surface to be cleaned and agitate using a medium to firm interior brush/carpet brush, once the product has been worked into the fabric extract the solution either by drying with a microfibre towel or a wet vac/extractor depending on level of moisture present.
For short pile fabrics such as roof linings we recommend applying magic carpet to a short pile microfibre towel and lightly wiping the surface.

For extractor use, fill chemical tank with a solution of between 50-1 for light soiling and 10-1 for extreme soiling. Using the shampoo attachment apply solution to the fabric in a controlled motion, once the desired level of soiling has been removed vac the area until as much moisture as possible has been removed.

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