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Citrus Wash - Multi Purpose Cleaner


Citrus Wash is a very versatile product and can be diluted to suit your application. Citrus Wash can be diluted up to 100-1 and below we recommend the following dilutions. 

100-1 Light summer use - This is perfect for applying in warmer temperatures to remove the lightest of dust and dirt. 
50-1 General Pre-Wash - This is our general recommendation on the day to day cleaning of your car, at this dilution Citrus Wash will remove dirt, grime, light traffic film, bug splatter, moss & mildew build up etc
30-1 Heavy Pre-Wash - At this dilution this dilution is recommend for heavy road triffic film, heavy bugs splatter, extreme winter salt, embedded tree sap, heavy dirt, mud splatter and heavy grime.
10-1 Degreasing - This is the strongest dilution we recommend for our Citrus Wash. This is ideal for engine bays that contain heavy dirt, grime and light grease and oil (for heavy oil look at our Demon) inner arches, suspension components, door shuts, extreme grime, dirt and traffic film

Simply apply Citrus Wash to the area by spraying directly and allowing it to dwell for up to 5 minutes. Pressure rinse the area clean removing all debris, dirt and grime. Depending on the level of soiling you are dealing with, you may be required to apply a second application of Citrus Wash for that ultimate clean.

For engine bays, door shuts and convertible soft tops, you will need to spray (at the recommendation dilution) onto the surface, agitate with our DBS brush set for engine bays and door shuts and Leather cleaning brush for soft tops then rinse with a pressure rinse or a open ended hose if you are rinsing delicate areas such as engine bays. 

Take care when applying in warmer temperatures. Do not allow to fully dry out.


Size: 500ml

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