Fine Grade Cleaner Clay 200g


Make sure the car is washed and decontaminated with purple rain and just the tonic. Apply a spritz of Berry Blast Quick Detailer to soak the panel. Tear off a small piece of clay flatten it in the palm of your hand to approx 50mm in diameter. Apply the clay to the panel in horizontal strokes, ensuring all the surface has been covered. The panel will become smoother and contaminants will become visible on the clay. Once one side has been used flip over and use the other side, once both sides have been used dispose of the clay and tear off a new piece. Once the car has been clayed all over it will then need to be washed to remove any remnants and clay lube.

Before you use the fine cleaner clay you should wash your car with one of the AD shampoos and dry. Inspect your car for any Tar spots or potential fall out, if such items are present remove with our Just The Tonic tar remover and our Purple Rain. The Autobrite Fine cleaner clay works in conjunction with our Berry Blast QD, this is a quick detailer and clay bar lubricant all in one. This combination of the two products provides a lubricated, smooth and silky finish and removes bonded contaminants easily.

Your now ready to clay. With your Autobrite fine cleaner clay bar, slice, rip or pull a small chunk of bar off and work it into the palm of your hand to form a pancake patty of approx 3-5mm thick. Work it in your hand until the clay starts to form a little heat and the clay softens. 

Then apply Berry Blast QD to the surface approx 2ft by 2ft square, by soaking the panel ready for the claying process. Start rubbing the piece of clay along the panel applying a little pressure in overlapping, straight line motions. If the area your working on gets a little dry and the piece of clay starts to 'drag' a little, apply more lubricant (Berry Blast QD) to the surface and your clay will move more freely. You should at this point start to hear your panel going from a little 'gritty' noise to a much more smoother sound - this is a sign of embedded contaminants being lifted from the panel and into the cleaner clay. Continue until the surface becomes smoother the more you clay, you have just removed contaminants from your car. Buff off residue and you can now carry onto the next area or panel.

When the area/car has been clayed you are now ready to move onto the polishing stage, this may be hand or machine polishing. After the polishing stage you then can step up to waxing or sealing with our Blendz range of quality waxes or our SuperSonic range of sealants.

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