Tyre Dressing & Applicators

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Tyre Gloss - Ultimate high gloss tyre dressing

Ensure the tyre is clean and completely dry before application spray approx 2-3 sprays of Tyre gloss to our waffle applicator Work the product into

£10.00 inc. VAT
£8.33 ex. VAT

Contoured Trim & Tyre Dressing Waffle Applicator

How to Use The new dressing waffle applicator pads are designed to ensure even coverage of our range of trim and tyre dressings such as Tyre Gloss

£4.16 inc. VAT
£3.47 ex. VAT

The Knuckle Duster - Multipurpose Applicator Pad

How to Use Apply your Autobrite creme product to the side that suits on the Knuckle Duster Use the Knuckle Duster in straight lines onto the surface

£3.30 inc. VAT
£2.75 ex. VAT

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