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Carbanuba Car-Ban-Uba - Banana Scented Wet Wax


How to use

Cabanuba is a banana scented creme wax. Loaded with only the finest ingredients, with more carnauba wax than you can dream of, luxurious montane wax and microcrystalline wax, you are virtually guaranteed a warm, mellow glow to your paintwork. The hydrophobic properties leave water sliding off just like slipping on a banana skin, and offers a high level of protection. Once applied, leave until cured, then using your Chunky Monkey, buff to a glorious finish! Does a deeper shine or extra protection sound appealing? Then go bananas! Simply leave the first layer to cure completely then apply a second coat in the same way.

- Ensure surfaces are completely clean 
- Apply a small amount of Carbanuba to a soft applicator pad and work in small circles to ensure even coverage 
- Allow to cure, then buff using the Autobrite Chunky Monkey buffing towel 
- Apply a second coat if desired for a deeper gloss and improved longevity

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