DBS - Detailing Brush Set


Made from robust, strong plastic and soft durable yet delicate plastic synthetic bristles combined with pigs hair giving you the ultimate and precise clean whilst being scratch free. Multi-purpose brushes that work whatever the job, interior & dash detailing, leather cleaning, wheel detailing, exterior detailing to engine detailing the DBS covers all! 

The sizes are as follows with our ergonomic set of DBS.
Size 18 - 240mm
Size 16 - 230mm
Size 14 - 225mm
Size 12 - 220mm
Size 10 - 205mm

Use the DBS brush for dry interior dusting - to clean these simply wipe them clean and make sure all the dust is removed.
Use the DBS brush for all wet exterior and wheels cleaning - to clean simply rinse clean under warm water to remove all debris. 

Wipe dry all the brushes when used and store them in the box provided.

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