How To Use.

One wheel at a time, apply BriteGel liberally and evenly to the wheel and tyre completely covering the wheel with product. Allow the product to dwell for a couple of minutes, this will soften the dirt & grime and start to pull of in a dirty, black residue. With your DBS brushes, spray BriteGel onto the brush and agitate the wheel and tyre and work into a high foam ensuring all areas are cleaned. Then take your EZ Wheel Brush, spray BriteGel onto the brush and agitate the back rims of the wheel again ensuring all areas including behind spokes/faces and between calipers are totally cleaned. When your wheel is cleaned thoroughly pressure rinse all the wheel and tyre including. 

As you may now notice your brushes will be black and covered in the most horrible dirt, grime and brake dust! A thorough rinse in your wheels bucket to rise off the residue and your good for next wheel. We practice this technique when cleaning wheels here at Autobrite and always recommend cleaning one wheel at a time. This way the wheel is completely clean and your not going to miss any parts whilst in the process, get the job done and move to the next one. 
When you have finished cleaning all of the wheels, give them a wipe and dry with your Mini Reaper to avoid water spotting. To finish your wheels off, a coating of Blendz wheels sealant and Endurance Trim & Tyre Gel on the tyres and your good to go! 

For a more intense, deep wheel clean and de-contamination, follow our decontamination procedure with products such as Purple Rain Version 3, Just The Tonic as a de-tar remover, clay you will need our Purple Rain Version 3, our Just The Tonic Tar remover then our fine cleaner clay along with Berry Blast QD for complete decontamination. You can always step up with a coating of our Blendz Wheel Sealant or our Hellshine Whe'elzebub Sealant to give your wheels that protected, gleaming finish and also to help reduce brake dust build up. Future wheel cleaning will also benefit from this procedure making them easy to clean. 

BriteGel is designed to be ready to use and requires no dilution.

Do not apply BriteGel to hot wheels or in high temperatures. Allow the wheels to cool before use. 


Size: 1 Litre

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