Application of our Blendz Wheel Sealant is easy yet very rewarding product to use. It provides a durable, high gloss finish to all alloy wheel surfaces. We do recommend you thoroughly cleaning and de-contaminating your wheels to remove any unwanted tar, fall out and debris. 
  • Clean your alloy wheels with your choice of AD wheel cleaners, BriteGel or Very Cherry Non Acid is suitable for this. Clean your wheels thoroughly with the DBS bushes and also our Magnificent 7 brush kit to ensure that proper and ultimate clean. Pressure rinse and dry. 
  • Now its time to dissolve the contaminants on your wheels. On a clean, dry wheel spray our Purple Rain product liberally on the wheel surface making sure you completely soak the wheel. Then leave the product to work for approx 3-4 minutes, Purple Rain will then turn purple as it reacts with the contaminants on the wheel. You can always agitate this with the DBS brush set or simply pressure rinse. 
  • Then with our Just The Tonic Tar Remover spray liberally onto the wheel and leave the product dwell for approx 1-2 minutes, you will then see the tar start to dissolve - simply wipe away the excess product along with the tar. 
  • Dry the wheel with the Mini Reaper or The Guvnor. You could always clay your wheels to remove further bonded contaminants from the wheel surface then polish your wheels with Cherry Glaze to increase gloss and remove any light abrasion marks from the surface and of course to get them squeaky clean ready for the fresh coating of Blendz.
  • Apply Blendz Wheel Sealant to a dry, clean wheel. Apply Blendz liberally to the spokes, wheel faces and back rims, completely cover all exposed metal surface with a our Blendz Wax applicator. Leave to cure for approx 30 minutes per wheel. 
  • When cured, simply buff off the wheel sealant making sure the sealant has been completely removed from all areas, repeat this process after an hour has passed for even more awesome gloss and protection. We always recommend 2 coats of Blendz wheel sealant per wheel for the best protection. 

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