How to Use

MetalWorx is very easy to use and effective on all metal surfaces. The best way to use MetalWorx on your metal & chrome surfaces is to use a microfibre applicator such as The Muscle from Autobrite Direct! As MetalWorx is a thick metal paste its very easy to distribute the correct amount on the surface to be treated via the applicator, A little goes a long way. 

Apply a little amount of MetalWorx to the Muscle applicator and work into the surface to be treated. Gently work the product into the surface in straight line strokes applying pressure if needed for heavy ingrained contamination. The abrasives within MetalWorx get to work instantly and grind away that unwanted tarnish, rust and oxidization to leave a bright, clean surface. Then pick up a Autobrite Direct Guvnor towel or Mini Reaper and gently buff the surface to a high gloss, shiny surface. 

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