4X4 SD20KW


The 4×4 SD20KW is a 10 bar 32 Amp 3 phase industrial steam cleaning machine with a steam and detergent facility. The largest of our standard industrial steam cleaners, the SD20KW is a machine that just doesn’t quit. Delivering over 26 litres of dry steam per hour from a continuous fill, stainless steel boiler, there are few industrial cleaning needs that can’t be met with ease. The SD20KW also retains the flexibility of its smaller counterparts, with an integrated steam regulator, a detergent facility, and optional vacuum extras.

When other industrial cleaning tools can’t do the job, the SD20KW stands tall.

  • Suitable for Industrial Enviroments
  • Where steam & detergent is required (vacuum optional)
  • Stainless Steel Boiler supplying 26.4 litres of dry steam per hour
  • Continuous Fill boiler allowing refill with no reheat time
  • 10 Bar Pressure
  • 3-phase steam cleaner
  • Detergent Delivery system
  • Steam regulator to control the volume of steam
  • Full steam & detergent too kit as standard (vacuum optional)

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