Banana Gloss Hyper Concentrated Shampoo


For the wash process we recommend using 2 of our detailing buckets fitted with grit guards to minimize the risk of free floating debris. Fill both of these buckets with fresh water, one for rinsing and one for your wash solution. Banana Gloss, shampoo is an exceptional high gloss shampoo that cleans and maintains as it goes. Containing the finest ingredients to clean all manner of dirt from your paintwork. For general use Banana Gloss's dilution ratio of 500-1 translates into 20ml or 2 cap fulls per 18 litre bucket. Once you have added your chosen shampoo agitate the solution with a moving water source e.g hose or pressure washer to achieve the level of foam required.

Using a quality wash mitt, such as The Phantom or Scythe, begin washing your vehicle from the top down, applying minimal pressure to your chosen wash media.
Ensure that your wash media is rinsed regularly to prevent particle build up within the media and reduce the chance of inflicting any paint damage. If washing the vehicle on a warm day we recommend washing panel by panel rinsing as you go. Once the wash is complete, give the vehicle a thorough rinse ensuring to remove any shampoo residue from panel gaps and door shuts.
We recommend use of Top Gloss Shine as a drying aid to help reduce the chance of water spotting and leave a glossy finish. 

Drying the vehicle should be carried out as soon as possible after washing using one of our Reaper drying towels. Now stand back and admire the gloss, team up with Cherry glaze All In One and Elegance luxury finish detailing spray for an outstanding finish !


Size: 1 Litre

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