T450 T-Racer


Patio Cleaner
K4 - K7

When youre cleaning large areas outside, two factors are likely to be on your mind the finish you get and how long it takes. The Kärcher T450 can ensure you get the best results in less time and is five times faster than using a spray lance alone. You can also achieve better results with less effort and create less peripheral splash with this attachment; making clean-up tasks faster and easier thanks to the twin-jet rotating arms that effectively remove stubborn dirt while the cleaner directs the pressurised spray exactly where you want it to go. The benefits dont end there the T450 has a couple of handy extras that make patio cleaning even more effective. For corners, edges and particularly stubborn areas an additional power nozzle can be activated using a pedal, while a special protection grid helps you clean surfaces like gravel paths and Japanese gardens without disturbing stone chips. The water pressure can be adjusted by setting the nozzle clearance for the surface being cleaned this allows you to increase the cleaning power on hard surfaces like stone, or lower it to safely clean softer surfaces such as wood.


GROUP: Patio Cleaner

MODEL: K4 - K7

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