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SuperSonic - Nano Hybrid Si02 Quick Detailing Spray


Super Sonic QD is a Si02 based quick detailer spray, that not only imparts stunning gloss, but tops up the protection of the SuperSonic Sealant by adding to the LSP layer! Super Sonic QD shares many properties with it's big brother SuperSonic. SuperSonic QD adds a Nano-Hybrid film and bonds to the SuperSonic Sealant, it adds further protection against fallout, salt and general road grime. SuperSonic QD adds extensive hydrophobic water behaviour to the SuperSonic coating & enhances protection against surface contamination. It also offers superb gloss, excellent beading, and protection against bird lime, daily grime and even has some self cleaning properties to ensure your ride looks incredible, and it can be layered to extend protective qualities.

How to use
  • Ensure your paint is thoroughly clean and free of grease and contaminants 
  • Spray a small amount to the panel and work carefully over the area, ensuring even coverage (best applied in warm temperatures) 
  • When the panel is covered, immediately wipe then buff the panel free of residue using the Autobrite Direct Mini Reaper, The Guv'nor or Chunkey Monkey
  • SuperSonic QD can be layered on top of SuperSonic Sealant for optimum hydrophobic & protection

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